Texas A&MCommerce Student Housing

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Master Plan Scope
The purpose of the Texas A&M University – Commerce Housing Master Plan is to guide the development of the Campus Housing Auxiliary. The scope of this study includes both facility renewal and program optimization. Work plan components include:

  • Market Research
  • Facility Review
  • Program Review
  • Facility Analysis
  • Operational Analysis
  • Architectural Design and Phasing Strategy for new construction, renovation and demolition projects.

Strategic Objectives
The strategy behind the Texas A&M University – Commerce Housing Master Plan is threefold:

  • It eliminates housing no longer meeting the needs and expectations of 21st century students.
  • Through renovation and new construction it replaces the outdated residences with new housing, supporting recruitment and retention.
  • It strategically locates housing to create a critical mass of students in appropriate locations in order to generate campus activity and sense of community.

Pedestrian Path Brings Students Together
The Texas A&M Commerce Campus has an “L” shaped site plan with the buildings laid out in a predominantly linear organization. One of the concerns of the college administration is that the campus often feels empty.

To address this issue we introduce a pedestrian path as a part of the Campus Master Plan that connects the student housing to the center of campus and then to the academic core. The pedestrian path provides seating areas, raised planters, green space, and cross paths that connect parking and campus buildings. A centerpiece on the path is an Academic Support Building for both honors students and students that need additional help with class work. The pathway is a place to bring students together in a critical mass and to meet other students in a casual setting as they move about campus.



Angelini and Associates Architects: Campus Housing, Master Planning, Site planning, Residence Hall Renovation, Residence Hall New Construction, Cost Estimating

Bradford L. Angelini, Partner in Charge
Theresa L. Angelini, Partner
Andrew Bodley, Project Designer
Erin McWain, Designer and Graphic Design

Alexander and Associates: Campus Residence Community Planning, Student Survey, Peer Bench Marking, Focus Groups, Programming, Financial Analysis

Randy Alexander, Principal in Charge
Gregory Lee, Financial Analyst
Heather Phillips, Programming/ Research Assistant

CDS Market Research: Community Development Strategies- Kent Dussair, Local Market Research

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