Downtown Ann Arbor Condo

angelini & associates architects

2015 Detroit Home Award Design Winner
Apartment/ Loft/ Condo and Decorative Glass & Mirror
Interior Design, Custom Cabinetry, and Kitchen 201-500sf
Stair & Railing

This condo in downtown Ann Arbor has been remodeled to provide an unexpected calm oasis of subtle white and gray contemporary furnishings and materials that provide a welcome respite from the city and an elegant backdrop for entertaining. The cubic massing of this downtown high-rise building is continued throughout the geometric details of the cabinetry, floor materials, and the volume of the interior spaces. The floor plane is clad in either large square porcelain white tiles or plank flooring that continues the floor plane from the interior to the exterior terrace on the lower and upper floors. The white lacquered cabinets and frosted glass doors reinforce the geometric module and join the walnut cabinets in unifying the materials throughout the condo. Nubby gray carpet squares continue the square theme of the floor tile and ground the seating areas within the larger space. Solar shades are concealed in the head above the windows and are operated electronically.

  • Floor Plans
  • Entry view
  • Living Room
  • Living room toward balcony
  • Dining Room
  • View from Living
  • Kitchen
  • Dining, Kitchen & Stair
  • Stair w/ Skylight
  • Stair Detail
  • Powder Room
  • Custom Bathroom Cabinetry
  • Master Bedroom
  • Office off of Master Bedroom
  • Office View

Project Team: Theresa Angelini, Bradford Angelini, Kevin Adkins-Architect
Contractor: Christian Tennant Custom Homes
Photography: Jeff Garland

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