Huron Hills Overlook

2017 Detroit Home Award Design Winner
Gate/Fence/Wall and Large Remodel
The home was originally designed by Colvin, Robinson, and Wright in 1962 in a mid-century modern style. After 50 years, the home was ready for an update to make the spaces more open for contemporary family living that revolves around a central kitchen as the hearth space, built on the underlying geometry of the original home. The current remodeling focused on opening up the kitchen to the adjacent sitting room space and then also to the adjacent dining and living spaces, while also defining these spaces individually. A new gallery space entry addition connects the detached garage to the stair entry at the midpoint of the home, while also defining a courtyard between the garage and the house and providing functional mudroom space. The master suite was also remodeled to provide more storage and an updated bath.

  • Huron Hills Overlook Approach
  • Huron Hills Overlook Exterior Entry
  • Huron Hills Overlook Interior Entry
  • Huron Hills Overlook Interior Entry Stair
  • Huron Hills Breakfast Area
  • Huron Hills Breakfast Area
  • Huron Hills Overlook Kitchen
  • Huron Hills Overlook Kitchen
  • Huron Hills Overlook Dining
  • Huron Hills Overlook Office
  • Huron Hills Overlook Shelving Detail
  • Huron Hills Overlook Master Bedroom
  • Huron Hills Overlook Master Shower
  • Huron Hills Overlook Master Bathroom Vanity

Project Team: Theresa Angelini, Bradford Angelini, Don MacDonald- Designer
Contracto:r Encore Custom Contracting
Photography: Jeff Garland

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